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Posted By : Adrian Chan

this response from Daniel to the list of media questions had me feeling good all morning…


I’ve just looked at a short film called “Valet Chronicles” at www.neighborhoodfilms.com, set at Caffe Trieste. Nothing special, you understand, and good for that very reason. I’m trying to just take this simple little filmic slick of life (work, stress, caffeen and wine; taste and smell) and run your questions through it laterally, transversally, up down and sideways and it dawns on me that this is a nice sieve through which to put a smallish instance of media, to see what sort of liquid thought emerges and what sort of particles get caught in the sieve… The expanse of your questions is like a football terrain in the elysian fields or a 3 dimensional startrek chess game or an endoscopic anthroscopic journey. Heidegger asked “was its die frage?” You have proliferated questions unto encyclopedism and underneath them their molecular unconscious is murmuring the question of the question… If media are to be interrogated, can they play the game of the confessional, and if so in their language or ours? Basically, can they answer or are they mute victims of interrogation? Then another thought floats to the surface, wondering about the possible geologic settling of these questions – where do they find their resting place in relation to each other? Quickly in time, i see that there is in this little film – already undone by becoming an example of something, even if a rich process – aspects of faciality, framing, addressing, constraints of social practice, civil inattention, user forgiveness, limited audience, amplification (of milk), and certainly affective capacity. Little bits of meaning begin to glom together, and yes then the 3rd place night surfer is tired now… You see, your initiative is so worthy of response it could be overwhelming so i had to scribble something here before too large a lapse dance slid into the booth.

Above all, thank you.



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