- March
Posted By : Adrian Chan
Social operations made virtual organization of social fields

I’m working out some ideas on hitchcock, influenced by lacan/zizek… Thinking about what makes a crime, and that a crime requires a judge, and that the judge in hitchcock is the gaze. But that in film it can also be the command (voice, often mother), or the law (word, often father). Think M, the trial, for the law. Psycho, with the dead mother’s voice… Hitchcock operationalizes the judge, and infuses the field with it. So the eyes are removed, become the camera seeing, and the whole film is infused with the gaze (this being the conventional lacanian reading of hitch).

Could we theorize the same of social software? That a social operation is dispersed throughout a field to become its virtual function? Connections and friends. Celebrity and popularity. Speed and participation. Expertise… News… Each of these being an operation that produces a presencing of participants online (where presence is absent, invisible, and atemporal…)


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