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Posted By : Adrian Chan
Barcamp San Francisco

Barcamp today was interesting, tho nothing like the Mexico v Argentina match at noon. Ran into Shannon Clark, Rashmi, Greg Narain, Tantek and met a few other folks, but as is often the case the hallway conversations beat the presentations. This event may have had too many attendees to still work with organization in a free for all (free fall?). Again, I bet a lot of the folks staying on later into the evening had a chance to riff on presentations and get down to real nitty gritty.
I have to say that I don’t know that many other fields in which this kind of an event would even occur. Even academics hesitate to simply get up in front of an audience and do an unrehearsed show and tell.
If only there was a way of knowing what all those people munching on provisions provided by kind sponsors and glancing at nametags actually do…


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