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Adhocnium call in blogtalk radio show thursday

Folks this is late notice I know, but I’ll be joining Adhocnium founder and fearless leader Chris Heuer, also of Social Media Club fame, BL Ochman of Whatsnext, and Thomas Van der Wal, true social media experts all, and fellow adhocnium network peers, for an hour of social media talk on BlogTalkRadio. It’ll be our first social media hour call-in show, but not our last.

Topics on our mind are:

  • What are the responsibilities of web services to their communities?”http://www.socialmediaclub.org/2009/03/22/question-of-the-week-responsibilities-of-service-community/
  • What are the responsibilities a Web 2.0 service has to engage with and respond to the community it serves? And what are the responsibilities of the community**to*the service? (Twitter, Facebook, etc)?
  • What’s on the horizon for social media?
  • Where do users turn when they develop social media fatigue, can brands see this coming, and how can brands plan ahead?
  • Is pay per Tweet a good idea for companies?
  • How can companies know whether a “social media expert” has really got the goods?

We promise to do our best to stay on topic, but request your patience and forbearance in advance, should the uncommon experience of a live call-in show turn out to be such a thrill that the wheels come off the bus.

Come pester, poke, prod, and provoke us!

The show: http://bit.ly/v9tDy

You can follow us on twitter: @chrisheuer @whatsnext @gravity7 @vanderwal

Show details:

The new Social Media Hour is a weekly podcast that brings together several of AdHocnium ‘s Creative Catalysts to share thoughts, insights and opinions on the latest trends, issues and news related to social media. This week we will talk about YASN (yet another social network), the Social Media Club Question of the Week and other issues. In the second half of the show we will take callers seeking advice on social media projects, campaigns and related issues. Social Media Hour will help businesses stay on top of the most important strategic issues of the day and help people inside organizations make the right decisions for their organization and themselves.

AdHocnium is an ad-hoc agency of creative catalysts producing social chemistry between globally focused companies and the markets they serve. We build teams for our client’s specific needs, bringing together some of the best and brightest people from all around the world. Our talented network includes leaders in their fields, primarily communications and technology, with invaluable insights on integrated marketing, public relations, branding, technology, social media and Web 2.0. Each has the ability to holistically analyze your company’s unique situation and provide you with a unique perspective for growing your business and transforming your organization.

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  • Break a leg, boys! Sorry not to be able to take part in this one.

    I'm feeling let down by Twitter on the turnaround about paid-for professional Twitter accounts. Twitter is one of those brands that people trust, and its disappointing to hear them now saying the exact opposite of what they said when this was rumoured last month. I'm for Twitter finding the business model that works for them (good luck to them!), just don't give catagorical 'no, never' one month, and then turn around the next …

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