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Branding, marketing, sales, service, and advertising have a lot at stake in social web uses. This section includes posts on the opportunities, and constraints, on branding and marketing around social interactions, streams, activity and news feeds, and more. Also included are posts on conversation marketing and branding in the age of communication.

The conundrum of corporate social media use

The world of institutional social media use is fraught with tricky choices and ambiguous policy diktats. What can an institution say and not say? What can it do and what should it not do? Is a Like an expression of … Continue reading

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Apple, the rise and fall of “aura,” and the social brand image

Bruce Nussbaum has an interesting post in FastCompany this morning on the decline of Apple’s brand aura. You don’t hear this term used much, and it’s an interesting choice. It refers to Walter Benjamin’s invocation of the aura of a … Continue reading

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Beyond the Social Object

The idea of social objects has been around for quite some time. Indeed, a lifetime in internet years. But for all of its conceptual durability, it offers limited theoretical insight — to the point of misleading designers, developers, and marketers … Continue reading

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