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Twitter and status updates deserve a category of their own. This section includes posts related to uses of twitter as well as user experience and interaction issues related to new forms of “conversation” in the realtime stream.

twitter: a sketch for filtering signal from noise

John Battelle writes today in Twitter and the Ultimate Algorithm: Signal Over Noise (With Major Business Model Implications) that twitter might have the opportunity to make a giant leap forward as a social utility if it were only to apply algorithms … Continue reading

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The tweeting Other. Or, see what I’m saying?

Twitter’s got a new feature that allows users to see another users’s twitter stream. That is, to change POV. According to Techcrunch: Now You Can See Twitter The Way I See Twitter. I’ve always wondered why social media tools and … Continue reading

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Ambient intimacy, ambient engagement

A couple years ago we used to refer to the twitter stream in terms of “ambient intimacy.” The phrase stuck. It captured the experience of in-stream serendipity and discovery, of finding and building connections in a real time medium that … Continue reading

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