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Posted By : Adrian Chan
MySpace case study on Gravity7

Social Interaction Design Case Studies

In an attempt to flesh out the issues and approaches particular to social interaction design, I’m undertaking several case studies of popular social software systems. As each system has its particular theme (dating, social networking, career networking), feature sets, site organization, style, and other UI and user experience decisions inform member participation and produce a recognizable experience. Members know what to do because they know what the system’s about. This might seem like stating the obvious, but the way in which designers can steer interactions, communication, and participation is only now finding its language.

  • MySpace Case Study Draft 5 Mb One of several planned case studies in the social interaction design of social software services. The document looks at MySpace as a service designed to support a particular type of social interaction, a self-presencing system in which social scenes emerge around individuals.


  • I think where you said mirroring and flirtatious is some things designers should apply when creating a Myspace layout. I mean designers should think about every little part to bring a person’s personality and individuality out on there Myspace page. Sites like Sketchfirm.com offer inexpensive design, and I think that most people who have a Myspace desperately need to seek assistance with there qualities by designing a layout to there perfection

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