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Posted By : Adrian Chan
Color — where social value is elsewhere, in time?

I was thinking last night that there’s always an interesting byproduct of apps that are real time.

The mode of production — in Color’s case taking snaps — is a low-intensity social experience in real time. That is, when people actually take the pictures.

But the artifacts capture the means to reverse time and at some point in the future, browse/navigate the connections established between photo and place, possibly person, place, event.

There’s something interesting between memory/recollection and curiosity/voyeurism. Yes, snaps from the event help us recollect — but when the POV shifts to snaps of others, there’s an implicit “we” to the experience. Shared, even though we didn’t share at the time. Connected, even though we’re not.

Something about this arbitrariness of relation (connection) that suggests a new model for conquering the randomness of co presence — We were all there but didn’t know it — but from the future, when photos are posted/navigated.

I’ve always suspected the trick to real time social is elsewhere — in this case, elsewhere in time.

Wim Wenders would love this.


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